I have seen others on here complaining about holds on their accounts, and after being a member for almost 4 years - never having issues - they're doing the same to me!! :( I can't afford to wait for that much of my check, and if it continues, I will be changing banks like others have said. Don't know what's going on.. I would really like a good reason or to at least be notified. We have bragged about USAA, but no other bank has EVER held part of my paycheck. SO FRUSTRATED


Direct deposit means no holds---ever
Sure wish my employer offered it!
I had recently obtained a new employer so it took a couple of pay days for my checks to come direct deposit and the SAME thing happened to me. I was almost behind on my rent! I feel your pain but if you can I would do my very best to find some way to meet them in the middle. Usually after the second time depositing a check from your employers bank they let it slide of you call and complain, they release the hold once the bank is a recognized one. It's just standard funds verification. Inconvenient but necessary.

That's what happens when you deposit paper checks.  Not the bank's fault.....they want to ensure the check cashes first.  Sounds like your employer needs to get with the times and offer DD.

Sounds like USAA should give a warning before putting a hold on funds all of a sudden! When the same paycheck from the same bank is deposited every Friday for 2 years without that check EVER NOT clearing and they all of a sudden decide to put a 10 day hold on it...not once but 3 weeks in a row...it shows they DONT care about their customers. We have bills to pay and children to feed. I have always bragged about USAA to my friends and family..well now I will be warning them. I understand doing it for a personal check but not a paycheck that they have gotten every week for 2 years!

Similar problem for me.  My son had been working for 6 months, with his corporate paychecks being 200-325 every 2 weeks.  the last time we deposed his paycheck there was a hold that lasted 15 days.  He moved his accounts to a local bank.


While I am sure they will not miss his current $7k/year they may miss my $120k as I transition my retired, VA and second career pay away along with my insurance policies.