All I wanted was to change the due date for automatic payment.  But for some reason they CAN'T make it the 1st of each month only 15th or 28th. Sorry, but I know how much technology they have over there and it seems silly that they could not help make it easy for me to PAY OFF LOAN! My other option is to stop auto pay and go in on my own every month. Well, that's not convenient at all. Thanks alot for really taking care of the member with such a simple request. Geez


All I want to do is RESET Automatic Payment date. No where is it in this site. This payment site is the most unfriendly one I have ever see, When I need something I have to call and sit on phone for 10/20 min. at a time. Its getting tiresome to have to deal with this.

Hope they get head out of a-- soon.