I am a poor, aging, veteran of the Marine Corps. I lost my wife to lymphoma. I lost my home and good credit fighting to save her. I have no material true possessions in my life save for an old 1997 S-10. I was lured to USAA by claims that I was a veteran company, an organization that prided itself on its focus on those of us who served. I find now that the policies of USAA are going to destroy me and take from me what little I have left.


My truck was purchased in 1997 with funds I gained following the death of my Father. In a real sense, I view this old vehicle as my only tangible link to him, it is my birthright. I do not come from wealthy stock, and this gift, this last kind act of a dead man, was something I have always treasured. I carried it from the cradle and intend to keep it to the grave. I have maintained this truck, it always starts, it always runs, it never quits.


In April of this year my old truck was damaged. Some careless operator of a trailer backed his vehicle into the front of my vehicle while it was legally parked and i slept at a motel. . This reckless trailer operator damaged the front of the hood, as well as the grill. The truck was still operable, and it rode fine, but it was wounded and needed help. With this thought, I went for the first time in my 50 year life and made a claim on my insurance. I took the truck to a shop, they quoted a price, and now USAA wants total my truck.


If this is the case, why then was I lured into buying a total coverage policy? If the truck runs well, why destroy it? Ahh, but I ask for logic in the face of greed. Hopeless.


Here it is. I will never be able to buy a replacement vehicle of any value if they total my truck and cut me a check for its “worth”. I am out of luck and close to being homeless. This defeat will likely sink me.


USAA: I feel lied to and cheated. I am desperate and need help. If you mean to live up to your lofty goals, start by repairing my vehicle, a thing I have paid you to do.



I agree. Let's do the short math 17yrs * 12 = 204 months. I pay around 90$ but let's make your avg 70$. 204 * 70$= 14,280. To bad your truck wasn't a house. That kinda money would easily cover 100k in property damage.
When my jeep was totaled USAA gave me the option of keeping it and getting the insurance money. Ask if you can keep the truck then use the insurance money from it being totaled to repair it.



USAA Member Somguy is CORRECT! You may be able to keep your car.




Here are some quotes from the Auto Claims FAQ found here.


  • I want my vehicle repaired. Why is USAA declaring it a total loss?

    There are several reasons why a vehicle may be a total loss:

    - Repairs may not be economically practical.
    - It may not be possible to restore the vehicle to a safe, pre-accident condition.
    - State laws may require us to declare it a total loss.

  • Can I still keep my vehicle if it is a total loss?

    In most states, you can keep your vehicle. However, if you decide to keep it, we will deduct the salvage value of your vehicle from the settlement amount. The salvage value is what we expect to receive for selling your vehicle in its damaged condition.

    Depending on your state laws, you may be required to:

    - Have your vehicle title changed to indicate that your vehicle was a total loss.
    - Go through a state vehicle inspection process.

    Some states may not allow you to reregister your vehicle. Check with your local department of motor vehicles before you make a decision.

  • What is the total loss process? Click here for the answer.



You should call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and speak to one of USAA's Member Service Representatives whom will be happy to assist you.


Tell USAA you want to keep your car.


I hope I have answered some of your questions.

I understand your frustration. After paying for homeowner's policy, then having my home vandalized...I'm broke and a refugee with $100 to my name.


Today I was told that the adjuster "said she expects to make a decision next week. Once a determination is made, she can cut a check same day. That is the soonest."


Not sure how that works. My policy is clear, the damages are clear, so why all the double talk?


I wish you all the best. My husband is in the nursing home now and I have a lot on my plate too. Almost pushing me over the edge. I do understand and will say a prayer for you.

You also need to ask if USSA or another insurance company will insurance your "salvage title" vehicle at least for state minimum requirements if you decide to keep it.

Sorry to hear that but I've had the same with other carriers, especially if you want it insured again they have a vested interest to make sure it's roadworthy. A few months ago my Jeep was totalled by the drivers insurance company and although I could NOT replace the vehicle for what they gave me,  I had no choice. I was fairly attached to my car becuase it was the first high end car I bought on my own credit. It was at the end of it's life and well taken care of, USAA said they could take the claim but would probably still total my car because it was way more to fix it then the car was worth. You could have asked for a manager to see if they could make an exception, but USAA is not really to blame when they do what all other comapnies do also, in fact in my case USAA even offered to give me a rental when his insurance company stopped paying for it.