downhill slide

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USAA is rapidly sliding into the abyss populated by the likes of Enron, Lehman Brothers, Sears, etc. These and many other once great names sank beneath the 21st century waves of incredible bad management. USAA has become difficult even virtually impossible to do business with. USAA’s web site appears to be an IT play ground where change becomes a video game of search for function among the forest of advertising. Calling in is a finger numbing search for a human response, which is usually the wrong department leading to recorded messages an eventually transfer to a dead end drop. The new, apparently contracted method for claiming cash back rewards is a non-starter. I can donate to multiple favored causes but it is beyond reason to redeem rewards. USAA has again replace a simple system that worked for a complex method to hold on to my money. No doubt some manager received a large bonus for scamming members.


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Sure is nice to have insurance when a factory recall disconnects your transmission on an ECO-System and again 6 months later when winter puts further hardship on the weakest parts and the Eco-System Transmission gets priced at 7500.  As a non-drinker with a trauma kit in the car the Eco-System was a learning experience and got me thru the winter ahead of it.  Not such a good example of actually working with car insurance, more traveler's insurance.  I see the sight has no conversation search engine anymore, but most people do not drive by compass and have spiffy GPS systems guiding them to warrant stop worries.


Frank, I agree.

The hoops that each of us has to jump through to have any interaction at USAA is beyond description.  Last year took months to resolve a withholding issue with our Personal Pension Annuities at USAA.  There is no internal communication and the so called "on-line tools" are useless.  These annuities are our last vestige of activity with USAA and unfortunately it will be for a lifetime.  Again over the last few days I spent considerable time and effort trying to fix the same withholding issue.  It did get fixed just in time to yet have another issue develop.  It so happens that USAA is unable to figure out how to pay our minimum required withdrawals from our Personal Pension Annuities.  If not resolved, it will force us to pay the IRS a penalty for failure to take our RMW.  Those individuals that are involved in attempting to help me win this matter are as frustrated as I am at this point.  If everyone would just go back to the office and interact with each other to for the benefit of members we all would be much happier.  And if IT would provide helpful solutions to operations we all would be much happier. Right now my RMW is getting sucked down the drain along with USAA.



This long-term "member' feels the abuse USAA now imposes on it's bedrock members. Frank, is not alone. Rather, he is one of many great USAA customers that is stunned that a formally trusted company like USAA --is clearly on the wrong-track. How on earth did USAA regress to this painful position? Can USAA fix the mess it clearly planned and implemented?

I agree. At times, I wonder if members are put first. But, greed begets greed. In this day in time, I would not be surprised if members are considered a meal ticket.


Your comments about USAA are dead on center.  Very happy that I got out after 51 years.  Good luck with these clowns.

I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason