hi just wanna start by saying been with usaa for 5 years , currently have most of my banking with them  , and all my autos with them ,   there customer service is amazing , i have recently had  credit promblems  and consulted usaa what can i do after clearing any outstanding debit that i had due to an accident which changed my life ,i was able to bounce back ,i took secure credit card for 3 years , with this company , as they suggested ., and few orther banks as well, to help  i manged to raise my score 40 points in 6 months , i was able to get a ford loan , and a bmw  auto  loan , i own my house , and owe nothing to any one , i m in the waiting  AS CREDIT TAKES A LONG TIME TO HEAL , i thought usaa would of been little more lient towards ther members to help the out like they always say , im not looking for credit just solid credit on my report , i guess not  would of been nice to see this happen if someone just too the time to review someone status and not just a credit score. any way life goes on  thanks usaa anyway , 


USAA doesn't make your credit score, they only report your credit activity to the bureaus that make the score.  If you've been paying on time for three years now and if you say you've paid your mortgage and two cars off it should be very soon that your score will climb.


If you still owe on those cars and house it will climb a bit more slowly, but keep up the good work.