I have had USA for many years. When I was hit by someone else, USA low balled me so had it was awful I even made contact with the persons and businesses indicated that the value of the car came from. They stated the value USA gave me was NOT what they indicated. I was given values in excess of $7000.00 more than USA was trying to settle for. When I tried to address this with my adjustors at USAA, they all but called me a liar. How was this customer service? I have stood by USAA and then was crushed. I could not even get an and newer as to why the persons indicated did not agree with what USAA said. If I don't pay I get dropped. If they don't pay, they just don't return calls or say that is the end take it or leave it. I tried to protest and got no where. I don't understand. But oh well no one there seems to care. If there is a next time I will make it different. You WERE so good now just well ok sometimes.


I never put that ' I Love USAA' sticker on my page. Let's get that straight!!!