Having USAA and living thousands of miles away is the biggest pain in the butt, ever. All of a sudden I couldn't make cash advances from a debit card where I received funds and had no other convenient way to get the funds into my account. I was told by customer service that I could deposit cash into ATM but I couldn't. I was told I could buy a money order and take it to a UPS store and they would deposit it. I couldnt. So I mailed the money order and it took so long to get into my account that my check bounced. So I faxed them a direct deposit form so the money would go directly into the bank, that the bank had to sign and send in, and they never sent it and here I am back in the same situation.


Why don't you use the Deposit@Home service?  All you need is a PC, scanner and a cashier's check (or really any kind of check).  It has never taken me longer that 5 minutes to deposit a check with my cell phone and have instant availability of funds.

yup why dont u use the Deposit@Home, just get the USAA app and they will be with you wherever you go. deposit checks in an instant and get the fund right away.

I'm sorry to hear you're running into so much trouble. I'd like to get you in touch with one of our banking specialists who can review your options and take your feedback. Please use the link provided to send a quick message and they'll be in touch soon.  Submit Info Here

The reason I adore USAA is their ability to provide the simplest, customer friendly solutions to problems. DEPOSITS are easy.


Download USAA's mobile App to your mobile phone or I-Pad

Sign the back of your check.

As clearly as possible, write the account number you want the check deposited into, under your signature.


Using your mobile phone, I-Pad, whichever you choose, take a picture of the FRONT of your check.

                                                                                          Take a picture of the BACK of your check. 

Send your 2 photos to USAA using the USAA mobile app.


You'll receive confirmation of your deposit immediately.


If you don't have either a mobile phone or I-Pad, you can borrow one, because your ID on the mobile app is one only you will know, not saved.

Once USAA confirms your deposit, you can delete the pictures.


Then, check your account. You'll see the deposit miraculously appear.

There is no need to delete any photos as previously advised because no images are ever retained on your device.  You do not need to take photos and send them in the traditional sense since you must use the USAA app and it captures the images and transmits them to USAA for you.  At no time are those check images retained on your device hence nothing to delete.