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Hello Everyone, my name is Michael. Most people call me Mike. I don’t like not knowing people that I have a chance to get to know. That statement might get me drug tested, but it’s what I meant. I’m from a small city in Texas and I know most everyone in just about all walks of life. My wife would ge...
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Wish Usaa would make Usaa shirts available to members at cost. Woul be more cost effective than buying tv ads. Members could advertise
Is there anyone out there that isn’t a left wing socialists? Am I the only one embarrassed & sees the corruption, lies & bending facts of the fascist socialist whom have destroyed our political, justice & media to push their agenda? This probably won’t get posted & I will be labeled a trader but 3rd...
USAA offers certain members perks bonuses and cash back options purly based on where they live...a little unusual for a company that caters to military. If you cannot offer cash back rewards to all memebers, is it appropriate to offer it to only a few who have the luck of being stationed in the corr...
We are not all members of same USAA! So.e of you are getting perks bonuses and benefits others are
I am just curious what other member’s experiences are with USAA? I am not in the military, but my Dad is an Army Vet from the 60’s. When I was growing up, he always told me that having USAA insurance was a privilege based on his military service to our country. He said that the average person withou...
Deeply disappointed USAA, OF WHICH i have been a member for 52 years, is sponsoring dangerous conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson on Fox.
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