Need to pass on to admin that new website thus far has been a personal disaster.  NOT able to manage brokerage accounts online and organization of routine banking and insurance account info is a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS in organization and ease of use.  Can I please go back to the old layout?  PLEASE?!


I concur.  The new website layout is much worse than it was, for my use anyway.  I am annoyed that USAA did not at least consult with users before launcning this fiasco.  Now, I have to scroll a bar back and forth at the bottom of the investments status page just to see all the totally useless columns of information scattered among the useful ones.  The "spreadsheet" effect also does not keep the column titles at the top of the page when you scroll down, so you lose track of what each column is supposed to display.  The row "thickness" also takes up more screen space than necessary and requires more scrolling up and down than it should. just to see all the stock entries.  This thing appears to have been designed by a military committee... same one that designed a horse that turned out to look like a camel!  BTW, when I attempted to do a "Spell Check" on this page, the suggestions screen moved with the mouse, so it was impossible to move the screen up or down to see what word it was offering to change.  It would also not let me select any of the alternatives it listed.  Another busted programming effort...  Totally useless!  I am running an old PC with Windows XP SP3 (all updates and security fixes installed).  The USAA tech "whiz kids" need to remember some of its clients do not have (or want a MAC or Windoze 8)!.  GREATLY ANNOYED!


They did ask the members ahead of time. I was one who had it months before anyone else. You don't have to use the boxes on the home page for every thing. Use the navigation up top to get a better view of things. BTW I have windows 7.
WA5B, Microsoft support for Windows XP is ending, so you will need to upgrade or be at risk for security issues or functions not working. That is not the fault of USAA.