I called the number on the card 1 800 411 4300 from my home entered my last 4 digits on the card-social number-,  then was transferred to a human. Who then proceeded to ask the following-name on card-account number-car registered or insured,name of child and birhtdate, my birthdate, password for phone, password for computer, 3 digit code on back of card,address and two more questions I can not remember. Once they got to the passwords I did not answer.This was never so difficult. I asked 'you must have the info if you sent me the card' and her answer was we are just verifying everything-we do not have all the info.. Surprising how it is a click of a button on the computer or with other cards on the phone verify the last four digits of ss and card.Done. This seemed a bit shady. 


It's not easier from a computer. i went to activate online from my account and it told me to call a different number than the one listed on the sticker on the card that i received. I've been waiting on the phone about an hour now. Of course I hung up 3X, Ridiculous.