You get what you pay for....well actualy NOT with USAA

If you have rental reimbursement and rent a car from a company other than Enterprise expect to get screwed in the claims reimbursement process and plan on spending a lot of time as well.

Why would you rent from someone other than USAA's supplier, Enterprise, and have them direct bill USAA you ask?  Because you want the extra coverage provided free with most credit cards when you rent a car such as $0 deductibles.


But then try and get reimbursed from USAA for claims. A long process wherein they delay, call you a liar, lose your paperwork, attempt to get your repair shop to pay some of your reimbursement and leave you having to explain to your cc company the fight you are going through to get YOUR money. Ridiculous. USAA is a good buy on insurance, until you have to make a claim.