You are definitely the best!!

I've been a member for a very long time. Service is always excellent!!! I won't consider using any one else. As technology has progressed, I willingly came with you--insurance, internet banking, loans via e-mail and Fed Ex, Deposit @ Home and now my new favorite--Deposit@Mobile. I just deposited three checks in about 3 minutes. Much faster than my computer!! I'm such a fan. You save me time and aggravation!. You even help me fix my mistakes (yep, those backwards account transfers--oops) without any financial penalty. I have many friends who think you can't bank without it being a bank "down the street." Mine is down the street, in Texas. I don't need to see the bank and the tellers to know I have a bank. I've only been in the building a few times and that was work related. I've used many of the services that you provide. USAA makes everything so easy that I can't imagine doing my financial work any other way. Ya'll set the business standard that I compare everyone else too!
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