My father joined the Army in 1927 after graduation from high school. He went through OTS and served on active duty through World War II and Korea and until his retirement in the early sixties.Sometime during those military years he joined USAA. My brother and I learned to drive being insured on his policy and continued the USAA tradition with our own policies after college. I married a VMI graduate who immediately went on active duty in the Air Force in 1969. We began our married life with USAA in 1969, over the years insuring homes, cars, boats, and life.  Our two daughters are also USAA members. They grew up with USAA, learning to drive a cars insured under our policy. Later, after college, they married and began policies covering their own cars, homes, life and as well  accounts to fund their childrens college education..all through USAA. I guess my three grandchildren are the fourth generation to be coverd by USAA... the great grandchildren of the man who proudly served his country for many years and was a proud USA member.


Ms Joy 

Soon relocating to Dallas.

  Where is a reasonably priced apartment with some older people near the Hackberry Creek area of Irving .