We recently bought a new Honda Odyssey Touring Elite 2014. As many good people know the process to buy a new vehicle is tedious, aggravating, and seldom satisfying. I did check prices on several programs like Costco, American Express, and of course USAA. When researching for the prices I noticed that USAA's price for the above vehicle was by far the lowest, somewhere around $39, 350?, while the immediate comparisons were well above the $41000 mark.

I contacted several dealers in our area (southern California), and went through the back and forth, more baloney than fact type communication. When I initially received the price from USAA Car Buying Program, I, of course, printed the page, and also called the dealer that had offered the best price. The dealer was Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, Ca. Most of the communicating was done through email with all possible dealers, including Spreen Honda, to avoid unneccessary stress. Among the many connections I made I also contacted Spreen, and a lady contacted me almost immediately initially and assured me Spreen was more than willing to stand by the price quoted, but that the availability of said vehicle was zero and promised to contact us when available. Time went by, and I exhausted all other possible options, all turned out to be just talk and high prices. After a 3 weeks I get an email from this lady at Spreen Honda, right about the time when I was going to stop looking for I had been unable to find a decent offer. The lady from Spreen Honda assured me that their price was the lowest possible (she was right at that point), and my curiosity got the best of me, so whe tells me to cruise about 50 miles plus to the dealership on a Saturday (to avoid traffic) and we did. When we arrived she was not there, she was out of the country! She had lured us like innocent trouts into strange waters, and we were ready to walk out when a very personable internet sales took over. Yes, the deal was very good. Our trade in, another 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite, was properly priced to our advantage, and we traded it immediately for a very nice 2014. I was surprised at how well they honored the USAA quote, so the negotiations started at the $39000+ quoted above. Ryan Ehlke, a young but extemely professional in demeanor sold us the Van. No money down, low enough monthly payments, and we picked up the van 7 days later, 1.5 miles in the odometer. We have to recognize that USAA gave us a very nice assistance, and of course, that Spreen Honda deliver every step of the way. Gary Terry was also instrumental as he oversaw and assisted Ryan Ehlke, and they treated us with respect. Thank you USAA and Spreen Honda.