I have just about had it with USAA....the latest screw up by them: I walk into a "banking center" to deposit cash. I figure; "I will hand my money over to a human, who will deposit said money into my accout, and give me a receipt for the transaction." I walk into the banking center and I am told, no, you must deposit your money into a machine which will not only count the money for you, but will make sure it gets credited to your account. I begin the process and double and triple count my $600 in brand new bills. I place the money into the machine and wait while it counts the bills. I am told I placed $500 into the stupid machine. I know I put $600 into the dang machine. I hit "cancel" so I can recount and restart the process. The machine makes whirring, crunching noises and spits out a receipt. The paper says "We have encountered a problem returning your cash." I immediately turn to the banking agent to point out the problem. He says he is sorry about the problem and checks my account to see if I have been credited any money at all. Nope, nothing in my account. Ok, I ask, "What next?" The answer: "I will write a note." Wtf?!?!?!? A note?!?!?!?! What about my money? I have to pay some bills....well, I am instructed to call a Rep at my earliest convenience. I do so, as soon as I leave the banking centet. I am told that another note will be written and my "problen" should be addressed in 3-5 working days. Dang....I am not a rich man...I am a single Dad with a car and a mortgage and 3 kids and an ex wife...in other words, $600 is a lot to me. Oh well, that is strike 2 USAA. I may not even wait for strike 3....I might just take my ball and go home now....and make sure all of my friends know how this bank works.


I might be right behind you. I am also fed up with the mediocre service and long wait times that could be mitigated by having a local bank. They don't seem to care about the customer anymore. It's a shame, they used to be great