I have checking, saving, study saving funds, loans and car insurance with this back so I think I can trust BUT NOT. I call about the 23 of January my first question to the representative is: Can I stop my overdraft protection because I can run to the bank And deposit cash (my account was overdraft because my husband is deploy and he don't receive the email the I send to him on time) The rep said just a mnt and put me on hold. I explain her everything, and she came back ant tell me yes I GOING TO SToP YOu OverDrAFT this time (just one time not remove) I ask her for the employee number just to make sure if something happen I can call her back. She said I don't have employee number but don't worry I made a note in the system and you don't going to have a money transfer from your Credit Card and you don't have to pay for money un advance (you guys now how high are that interest). I say okay thank you so much I'm going to the Bank to the deposit cash right know, run to the bank with my kids and make a cash deposit. BUT GUESS what I have a transfer from my credit card and I deposit the last cash the I have in the account too so I ending paying twice. I call the bank and another Rep tell other story the transfer was in process no one can do anything. I'm the one who pay the interest. when