USAA has really screwed me over on a number of occassions, but this one is worth annotating.  Unfortunately, I was stranded at 3 pm on 1/28/14 on I-59 for 24 hours in 9 degree weather because the USAA rep took over 30 mins to take my information.  By the time she contacted a wrecker service, the roads were blocked with traffic, roads had been shut down, and the wrecker could not get to me. I was told to leave my vehicle w/ my personal belongings to go with wrecker driver (whom I did not know) or emergency crew to a shelter, but I refused.  Later, I read in the newspaper that people were breaking windows of stranded vehicles on I-59 and stealing peoples personal belongings.  I was relocating from TX to AL and had all of my belongings in my pickup truck and Mustang which I was pulling behind me.  By 8 am the next day, USAA reps still had not gotten a wrecker to get me out of the ditch.  I called 911 and the dispatcher was in awe that everyone-including state troopers, USAA reps, & wrecker personnel- would leave me out there knowingly without trying to get me out.  By 1 pm, the "911 dispatcher" NOT USAA had found a company to get me out & to a safe area. I am totally displeased with USAA.  I paid $300 cash to the wrecker driver on 1/28/14 and now it is 2/3/14 and I still have not been reimbursed despite the fact that I have road side assistance.  I faxed in a copy of my receipt on 1/28 and called to verify.  USAA show a total lack of support although I have 3 vehicles insured with them and many properties. It is very depressing to know how USAA responded.  I am a 27 year veteran who have USAA for over 25 years.  They may offer the cheapest rates, but the service is horrific.


Can't fix (or even tow) stupid. Check the weather forecast before travel. USAA is among the best.
It is unconscionable that anyone, let alone a USAA Representative, to leave you stranded and alone. (The following advice is something I learned from a very successful older businessman, I just want to pass it on): Always, always, get the Name and callback number & until you get satisfaction, and don't hesitate to ask for a 'Supervisor' !
Don'tblame the weather and the traffic on USAA every time I I am on the phone with them or doing any kind of business with them they're very kind to me and they always get things done for me so as far as that goes whatever you are going through sucks manbut don't blame everybody stealing other cars and everything like that on USAA all that stupid s*** has nothing to do with USAA and like to die above said you always get to call back number and the name of the representative
So was the weatber. If USAA had access to a 1000 wreckers that day 100000 were needed. AAA members were in an identical situation.

Your "re blaming USAA......?????  Get over it.......

USAA is the best....I have had to use Roadside assistance and it met all of my realistic expectations....

I was stranded after work and called at 6:30 PM.  Was told that a wrecker could not get to me until 10:30pm!  Unacceptable.  I am going back to AAA.  


I called a local wrecker and he was to me within 15 minutes.