Wondering if switching my main bank to USAA is a good idea?!

I've had USAA for some time and also have BBVA.  Currently BBVA is very backhanded about how they conduct purchases from my card.  I was going to move my main deposits to USAA even though they have no branches next to me and keep BBVA for transfers as needed.  I've been reading a few of the other posts here and now I'm not so confident in making this change.  I really don't want to work with a bank that has horrible customer service especially when there's no branch to walk into and speak with a manager in person.  Minus banks I reallly don't know what other options I have... Does anybody have any advice that would be helpful how to get around the banks all together maybe?


There are plenty of places to deposit, and with deposit by smart phone - I don't need a branch office anymore. I have not had any problems with USAA. That said - you can join Navy Federal, I still use both. I like the fact that Navy Federal will make motorcycle loans and USAA doesn't.
I haven't had any issues and have actually had great customer service. The only thing I wouldn't get through USAA is a mortgage since they severely underestimated the cost of housing where I live.
Well I love USAA and with that said customer service has been great I too have NFCU and prefer USAA!

I quit my other bank a year ago and switched EVERYTHING into USAA and haven't had one regret so far.


USAA Auto Insurance on three vehicles, Motorcycle Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, two credit cards and a home mortgage are ALL done ONLINE via this website now. 


I deposit all checks via USAA Mobile and a smart phone and it seems to work flawlessly every time. 


In short, I have no regrets about switching to USAA for all my banking needs.

Long time USAA FSB customer here since about 1998, overall I think a lot of other places have caught up and/or improved over USAA. 


The big pet peeve for me is how hard it is to get a human anymore when you call. 

I have been with USAA since 1980 when I joined the Marine Corps.  I started out with Car Insurance and began banking with them in the late 1980s.  I have never had any issues, their are early adopters of technology and I have always had great customer service.  I love being able to scan my checks in, the ability to transfer money to external accounts with ease as well as their online banking.  I still maintain my NFCU account as well as a local US Bank account but USAA has my primary business.  I would highly recommend them as a banking service provider.

I love banking with them. We use their "furture transactions" feature to project our balance for the coming month and it's really helpful for budgeting. You can deposit checks by smartphone or at a UPS store but we hardly ever get checks anymore anyway. They reimburse all of your ATM fees. We keep a $1,000 in our savings acct for an emergency fund and if you happen to accidnetially overdraft, it transfers for free into your checking. I think BOA charges you money to transfer your own money! That's crazy! We're never leaving USAA for checking, savings and insurance but I echo someone else who said look elsewhere for mortgages--that's a whole other matter. They have a horrible reputation for mortgages that is well earned! 

USAA has been my primary bank for over 15 years and I've never set foot in a USAA branch. It's so easy to make deposits (direct deposit, by mail, through UPS/other partners, mobile deposit (camera phone), scanning checks on a computer, and drafting another bank (ACH).).


They cover ATM fees up to a reasonable amount as well.


Probably the best balance would be to have an account at a local credit union (free account, good  service) and one at USAA. Then you can simply deposit and xfer money to USAA if it's cash, etc. and otherwise USAA should have  everything you need.