Won't do business with anyone else but USAA

My membership was passed down through my father. Simply put, I won't do business with anyone else, period. I won't consider other sources of insurance, and now with the ease of their banking side of operations, won't even consider other lending institutions for my loan(s), even if someone else has a better rate - they don't have better service, which you can't put a price tag on. I remember as a child, we had to file a claim due to our basement flooding. I clearly remember my dad saying (and I was about 10 years old then) "son, when you become a husband, father, provider, make sure you surround yourself with the right kind of people, beit friends or business associates." USAA had a check in my dad's hands within 24 hours to fix our basement. That was in 1983. We've only had to file three claims in all of these years, all of which were not questoined and were executed perfectly. I had to file one claim myself a couple of years ago after a deer had jumped out in front of my car, my first claim ever (I'm 36). I was ready to do battle, and felt guilty for feeling as such, because a battle is not what I experienced, at all. USAA is simply a part of the family, and will remain so forever. I don't care if certain products might cost a dollar or two more here or there, you just can't beat the service, period. If you haven't tried their car loan products, you're really missing a great program! I've done it three times, getting ready to do it again. Simply perfect!! Thanks USAA!
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