Wish USAA picked Frointpoint Security instead of ADT. Read why.

I recently have been really concerned about home security; naturally I called USAA to see if they refer anyone for a security system. I found out they refer ADT for home security. I expect if USAA is going to refer another company that this company has outstanding customer service and an outstanding product that can be used in all states. To my surprise USAA recommends ADT which the experience of trying to deal with them has not been a good one.


I first went to ADT’s website and they have a nice site but now where does it really state how much the equipment is and how much everything is going to cost. I had to make an appointment then I had to deal with a local representative in the area for ADT. Many times I just wanted to know about the product and just wanted to talk to ADT on the phone. A lot of the times I was directed that I had to talk with the local representative about prices and installing equipment. When it came to asking ADT how there monitoring works I wanted to talk to their monitoring department. Because I was not already a customer I had to talk to the local representative. After haggling with the guy he said he would answer my questions. But during the call he had an attitude like he really didn’t want to be talking with me.


First, Sorry this whole paragraph had to be removed because of the USAA monitoring tools



Second, ADT has to be manually install the devices in the house, which means wiring into the walls and not easy to take with you when you PCS. Must of USAA members PCS on a regular basis.


Bottom line with ADT, they mostly wanted to hand new customers off to the local representative.


This really upset me and I was trying to think why USAA would pick them. I started thinking, maybe because there in all the states. So I began a two week search spending about 2 hours a day looking for home security systems that’s in all the states and has great service.

With all the research I have done everything pointed to FrointPoint Security. At the bottom of this email will be the links of the sites I used for research.

The customer service experience was outstanding. I probably called around 4-5 times and send about 10 emails asking questions. Every time the questions were answered and I was never pressured to buy anything they just kept asking if there was anything else I wanted to know.

I made a few mistakes when ordering and the staff was above helpful getting the right people on the phone. Instead of bouncing me around from department to department to get the order fixed. The person on the phone stated didn't play phone tag with me



The website for FrontPoint is very much upfront and there is nothing hidden about the service they offer and how much the equipment cost. With USAA in mind I asked FrontPoint on the phone if they are in all the states. They stated All except Nevada they were even in Canada. FrontPoint began to explain to me why they were not in Nevada. The state does require the police department to respond to alarm’s They pulled their licensed and did not want to be associated with that type of practice for their consumers.

FrontPoint Security System is completely wireless and can easily be taken with you when you move. This is outstanding for military people that PCS on a regular basis. ADT is a wired system and hard to move around. A lot of the ADT systems rely on the internet which is a security nightmare. The monitoring center for


To me anyone that has every dealt with USAA would extremely approve. FrontPoint Security is the USAA version of Home Security Systems. I really hope that USAA takes my words seriously and will take a look at FrontPoint Security to recommend to USAA members.



Sites used for research ,FrontPoint was the only company I saw on the review boards of other websites trying to get in touch with people complaining about their product. It appears that frontpoint general is concerned if a consumer really has a complaint

This site goes into detail why they picked Frontpoint as their home security winner

Reviews given by actual members on facebook

Again you can see that front point attempts to contact someone over a negative review


Some of the details had to be changed a little because of the monitoring system USAA has in place to filter your post.

I do not know if USAA is related but I got a calll from ADT services trying to sell me their service and I told them that I wasn't interested. 


Hope that USAA wasn't a part of that soliciting call by ADT.

We just had ADT come to our house yesterday for a quote.  It was very helpful to have someone come in & explain everything in great detail.  Also, ADT does NOT have to install wires.  They have a wireless system as well.  We are still checking other companies out at this point.

I would be surprised if any informed and frugal person chose ADT.  They are just not that competitive.  Being an electronics installation field engineer, I may be a little critical, but I've found the field service reps pushy and rude and sometimes not that knowledgeable.


Since moving into my new house, I have been researching alarm installation & monitoring companies and ADT, due to cost mainly, is not at the top of my list.  At last check, financial guru Clark Howard did not approve of them as well.  It's been a while, so you may want to look him up and verify.  When I saw what they had to offer, I came to the conclusion that what looked like a good deal was just a plan to get you in at an acceptable price and then make the money back on the back end via the monitoring costs and such.


I LOVE USAA, one of the best banking decissions that I have ever made.  It has been argued that I may even trust them more than I should.  I disagreed, but ADT is the one recommendation that I don't trust.  I'm planning to review their offer again just because I keep thinking that if USAA recommended it, then it must be something good for me in it.  If their is, I will retract this or write another one highlighting my findings TODAY, but I doubt it.


Anyway, thanks SSTRETCHH, I am checking out your recommendation right now and will of course bounce it off Clark Howard.  Looks great though.


USAA, we love you and what you do, so don't sell us out.  If there is a better service out there, recommend it too.  A lot of us see you as one of us and part of the armed forces community, so don't let us down.  


Thanks USAA.  Thanks All.

I agree that Frontpoint provides a quality product for a reasonable price. I have used their products and monitoring service for over six months since our last move. Call and compare other systems, then call Frontpoint - they're worth the peace of mind.