I do not have a grievance with USAA, but I think you would want to know the resulting trouble caused to me by roadside assistance recently.

I gave a 'satisfactory' report after the towing assistance was complete by_____   _____ _____, GA. I must change that now:   I was concerned when a large steel hook was thrown over the rear axle of my Jeep as it was about to be towed up onto the flat bed tow truck. I stopped at one point in route to my home to inquire about the Jeep sitting sideways on the truck, largely because the hook had drawn it up that way.

However, that did not turn out to be the real issue.
  Once I got the cause of the original breakdown repaired on my Jeep and it was ready to run, I noticed oil all over the driveway.  It was brake oil. When I saw that the brake line and its distributor block was badly damaged in the exact location where the steel tow hook had been thrown over the right rear axle, I knew the cause.

This might seem inconsequential, but I drive a fully restored 19 year old Jeep and the result of this carelessness cost me the following:  One day's work, many many miles to find a part no longer carried in Jeep dealerships, and finally $405 (See my USAA Mastercard charge)  to restore the brake system.

Obviously as retirees on fixed income and working part time just to get by, this was a real blow.
 As I said, I thought USAA ought to be aware of this because it will happen to others if not corrected.  I do not want anyone to lose their job and I certainly do not want anyone seeking retribution for this report.  For those reasons I have deliberated as to whether or not to even report it to USAA.  Obviously the towing company is very near my home.  So I must request, please, that USAA handle this with utmost discretion.

Despite all this, my thanks to USAA for their usual excellent service and for providing roadside assistance which would have gone nicely if not for this.  WFP # _ _ _ _ _ _  (Member over 50 years )


For goodness sakes report it! Geez Do you let people/companies trample over you all the time?