Winter Storms in Texas USAA Community.jpgThe stars at night are COLD and bright deep in the heart of Texas!


My southern friends are not used to temperatures approaching zero- and many of our members reside in the great state of Texas!


Here are some helpful tips for staying safe on the road and preparing your home for such cold temperatures.


Members in the North and Mid-West- will you share with our Texas (and other states who aren't used to such cold temperatures) members your best tips for cold weather?


Here is one from our community team:

“Keep the warm water trickling in order to prevent your tankless water heater from seizing up.”


Stay safe out there!




- For plumbing on outside walls, open cabinet doors to allow warmer interior air to circulate around pipes.  Also slow stream or drip to keep warm & cold water moving.

- Just heard this one today, The Ford F-150 Hybrid has a built in generator to supply power.

- A family with an infant slept in their Tesla in the garage to keep warm.  EVs produce no CO that can kill you.  (Lots of VERY cool YT videos about EVs from Bjorn Nyland from Norway.)

- A Tesla PowerWall provides power when it is out and automatically starts recharging when power comes on, even for a short time.  (Disclaimer: I am a Tesla fan and will be an owner in 12 months or so.)

- Never use an oven for heat, but a fireplace with room doors closed is good.

- When temps are low refrigerator food can be packed in snow or stored outside.





Thanks for sharing @Akvavit!