There are 600K Windows 8 phones.... we need an App!  Let's go USAA..


Windows phone's market share continues to grow exponentially each year. We see other financial institutions world wide releasing applications, yet, USAA remains doggedly silent. It is most interesting to find there is an application for the OS Blackberry which has fallen off the cliff and circling the drain. In a failed attempt to resurrect the brand, Blackberry has chosen to allow applications to be bought from third party android marketplaces where little to no curation (application security) is taking place. Further, as Andriod is the prominent target for malware in smartphones, this is most disconcerting to see there is an application for them as well..
USAA your customers are speaking. Are you listening?

We understand that this is important to you and are happy to report that we are currently working on an app and it will be available soon. We'll keep you posted once we have the release date. Thank you for your patience.

It's here now - Thanks