I had a man run into my family van that I worked so hard to buy. As a single mother of three it is very hard to do....
This man crashed into my reliable van and made it into a an upside down claim( total Loss). This mean my van is totaled the settlement went to my loan. "I had no choice in the matter".
And left me with no van, no Money,and now a financial crisis that a not getting any better....
How can this happen? I didn't cause the accident so how could this happen to me as a member of the top insurance company?
I'm sicken that I am still receiving phone calls in regard to my old van I really miss ( just this afternoon a man called saying he was a rep for USAA. He asked me if my van was at the collision center. When I replied yes it was claimed as a total loss. " the man replied ok it is a loss... Then hung up the phone in me.. ( how mean) now I'm second guessing on if they messed up my claim. I'm struggling to stay happy for my family. I'm barley hanging in to my job now. " due to not having reliable transportation anymore.
I h
Really hope my luck changes. I'm not going to be able to afford my home soon ether.


That's so very unfortunate....hope and pray that things improve in the very near future. I would however contact your mortgage lender today and alert them to your crisis situation and hopefully they will be able to work with you. As far as a vehicle try seeking used vehicles from local car rental establishments, on-line on craigslist, newspaper ads, Facebook for-sale by owner ads, or you can look into leasing programs with low monthly payments.
I had the same issue when my home was broken into they payed for nothing basically 300 for my computer nothing for my jewelry because I didn't have a valuable goods policy

We'd like to get a few additional details regarding your situation so we can get you in contact with a member of our claims team. They'll be able to access the details of the claim and determine if there are any additional options to explore. Please send a note using this link and we'll be in touch soon. 

I feel for you.  Life sucks.  But I bet your husband's life is going great isn't it?  Right now I am fed up with men!  Men have it good after separations or divorces.  I am going through a rough time and I bet the same thing is going to happen to me and I am going to be screwed! It always happens like that.  I hope your life gets better, I hope all women's lives get better!