Why?? Is the goal to drive away long time customers?

How many features will USAA drop from the web portal before your complete membership disappears?

Is the goal to simply drop all existing members and somehow gain new ones that only see and have ever known the current abysmal situation?


I could write down a list of features/functionality a mile long that have stopped working over the last few years in the web portal.

I gave up on the mobile app long, long ago - I can only imagine the pain for that one.


USAA can take a nice long walk off a very short pier.


You are no longer my primary financial institution -- and probably never will be again.

I see it all over the community boards -- members complaining about dropped/missing/broken features  -- and the canned auto-bot responses, and I'm sure every one gets a call from the horde of "assistants from the presidents office" calling to "discuss your recent banking concern".


How about stop spending time and money on calling me and many others and spend it on fixing and returning features to the web portal?  the phone calls serve absolutely no purpose and I have never seen any results from such a call.

Or how about reducing the executive pay just a smidge and investing that into functionality?

Glassdoor reports median executive salary at almost $300,000.00

You sure aren't paying anything for interest bearing accounts to your customers.






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I appreciate you taking the time to provide more feedback on changes to the website, @ImDone. As I know a Subject Matter Expert was already researching your previous feedback, I'll forward this to the same team so they'll have it, as well. Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback to us. In the meantime, I hope you have a great day. - Cathleen