Why I love USAA

I became a member of USAA after being a member of 3 different Banks. I banked through BOA, Navy Federal and Chase. I will not put out my stories from them but I will say that I would never use them again. USAA has the best products and has easy access to my accounts. Everytime I call with questions or requests I am treated with complete respect and I have not yet had one bad thought about this corporation. Now that I also have my automobile insurance through USAA I am even more pleased. I have recommended USAA to my sister (who is eligible through our father) and she loves USAA. I recommended it to my parents and to my Brother who all used USAA as well. Thank you USAA. You have definately changed my opinion about Banking. Without USAA, I would have been cashing my checks for the past 4 1/2 years.
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