Divorce is never easy. But USAA made that part of my transition as stress free as possible. Making sure my new checking account was set up properly. Transitioning my car insurance. With my savings accounts I am able to be sure each month money is tucked away for mortgage, insurance, car payment, emergency fund, and yes a christmas savings account. While I always maintain on time payments with everything, the other 2 credit cards I had cut my limit, after years of on time payment (most of which was paying balances in full) USAA never cut my limit, even asking me if I wanted to raise it when unexpected medical bills came my way. I wish they insured manufactured homes, as that is the only thing I do not have with them! They treat me like I am a VIP. Like my business is appreciated. That other place may advertise you are in "safe hands" With USAA I KNOW I am in safe hands. In a world of worry and stress, the one thing I don't worry over is my bank, my credit card, and my insurance rates. The ease of deposit at home, the online abilities to manage my money and pay bills - there isn't enough words to say thank you. I have been with them for 14 years and I will be with them until my sons have to close my accounts because I have gone to meet my maker. USAA is the best in the business!