Why I embroidered a pillowcase for USAA's CEO: The story of one grateful member

I am the wife of a WWII Veteran, and have been a USAA member for over 20 years. I just love the people at USAA (and they know it!). I pick up the phone and they are there for me. A few years back I was involved in a bad accident. I was leaving the library and a woman hit me and totaled my car. Her insurance agent was extremely rude (he wasn't with USAA, of course). He called and told me that USAA would never honor my claim, and would not pay for the damage. I responded, "Well, you just wait and see!" After the accident, I wrote to the CEO of USAA. At the time it was Robert Davis. I've always written to USAA & thanked them for helping me with this or that. My first introduction to Robert Davis was a letter. I said, "Robert, we're not related but I'm Helen *Davis* Meehan". Then I told him more about myself. He wrote me back a very kind note. I wrote 4 letters after the accident. I wrote to the president of the other insurance agency, to the agent that was rude to me, to my USAA agent, and to Mr. Davis. I told Mr. Davis how condescending the other insurance company was, and that I was worried. His secretary called me right away and said "Mrs. Meehan, do not worry". It was such a comfort; she put my mind at ease. I so appreciated their help. To thank them, I embroidered two sets of pillow cases. One for Mr. Davis and one for his assistant. I sent them to their offices, and I received the kindest thank you notes in return. Thank you for calming my fears when I scared, and for always taking great care of me, USAA.
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It's truly good to know such good & wonderful people are truly their with us when we need them most. Thank You for sharing your story. It brought tears to my eyes. =)