My  husband, two daughters and I want to relocate to New England next summer.  We are looking for the absolute best schools, public preferably.  We are both nurses we wo would probably need a medical center nearby as well.  Safety is also a top priority. 






Definitely do your research, but Brewer, Maine is a very good community, with a good school, Also very near a top rated hospital (Eastern Maine medical center)

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  1. Asking for advise for moving to New England is too broad to provide "targeted answers".  The New England, region, in the northeastern United States, including the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, each with their own Pros and Cons.

  2. Also everyones "needs" are different, and moving from one place to another involves a multitude of steps.

  3. The above stated, having no direct knowledge of any New England related information, I can provide the following pieces of advice:

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    • When you begin your search for a new home in New England I suggest your visit Home Circle® from USAA.

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  4. If you tell us your "preferred" state and / or "preferred" city then maybe we can provide you with more "targeted answers" to assist you.

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Some of the best schools in the NE region are in the Boston area, but it can be very expensive to live in eastern Mass.  Western Mass is more reasonable, and Longmeadow in particular has very good schools (brand new high school) and is a very nice community.  Nearby Springfield has several med centers, including Bay State Med Center which is fairly well regarded.  Hartford is only 20-30 minutes as well, and it probably has several med centers including the UCONN system.

My wife and I moved to New England in 1995, and lived there for 12 years.  I strongly recommend Londonderry, NH.  They have outstanding schools, are close to Boston for commuting and is settled in the heart of apple orchard country.  And it is about an hour to anywhere including the mountains to the north, the ocean to the east, and Boston to the south.  We raised 3 kids there and it was a wonder experience. 


Plus NH has no state income tax or state sales tax. :)


Londonderry and Windham, NH are great, altough Windham is a big more expensive, but closer to the city.


PS, bring your winter clothes because it gets cold up there.