When it comes to homeowners, USAA is that same as the others

I have been a member for 27 years and until the past 5-7 years I have been a proud member.  However, the continued yearly increases in premiums are out of control.  I recently received a 33% rate increase; when I asked why, I was never given a real reason.  The representatives dodged the questions.  My ‘normal’ yearly increase is 15-20%.  When I filed a formal complaint with the State of Florida, the response was expected - USAA filed for an increase and it was granted by the state. 


USAA – here are a few questions:  What happened to caring for the member?  What about the veterans that cannot afford these increases?  Why do you spend lavishly on advertising and then increase our rates?  Why are you writing new policies in Florida when you tell members that their increases are due to the risks involved with writing policies in Florida?  Seems counterintuitive to me; my rates go up due to increased risk, but USAA writes more policies, thus increasing their risk exposure. 

I understand that owning a home in Florida means higher homeowner’s insurance, but you have never provided an explanation as to why the increase are necessary given that no major storm has hit the state in over EIGHT years and in that period of time, home values dropped.  Interestingly, I do not recall a decrease during the times the housing market was depressed.


Here is my belief – USAA is the same as any other homeowner’s insurance company; out to make a buck.  Sadly however, they wrap themselves in the American flag and our veterans to sell their products.