I am just curious what other member’s experiences are with USAA? I am not in the military, but my Dad is an Army Vet from the 60’s. When I was growing up, he always told me that having USAA insurance was a privilege based on his military service to our country. He said that the average person without military experience or a family member in the military could not get USAA insurance. I’ve had USA for 31 years now and throughout that time have always been so proud of making that payment every month. In fact, My Dad, my Mom (deceased), Sister, Brother-in-law & Mother-in-law have all had USAA insurance for most of their lives. In all that time there have probably been less than 5 claims total by everyone. Recently, my Dad filed a roof claim on an obviously hail damaged roof. USAA sent out 2 guys from some company called AllCat who were both extremely dismissive & unsympathetic to his situation. (what happened to the nice men and women wearing USAA polos doing claim inspections...?!?). Anyway, fast forward six weeks & USAA has denied the claim on 3 separate occasions. Never in a million years, did we expect USAA to deny the claim. At 82 years old, my Pops still works 40+ hours a week. He’s the most generous and hard-working American veteran you could ever meet. He doesn’t have the financial means he once did and was really relying on USAA to come through for him. He’s never missed a payment or even been late on a payment in 60+ years of being a member of USAA. How can a person be loyal to USAA for a lifetime and then when you need USAA most, they are not there to help...?!? It was beyond heartbreaking when he called to tell me the claim was denied. He is now going through his house and picking out family heirlooms to sell in order to pay for the room. What is the point of having homeowners insurance if it’s not there to help you when you need it...?!?

What are other people’s experiences with USAA? Are they similar to this? As lifelong members of USAA, do we not have any type of recourse?


I haven't made a claim on USAA since 1989 and they were great back then yet, if my recent encounters with customer service are any indication, I am not at all surprised by your father's experience. Most people probably don't realize that USAA has become a (leftist) poliitcal activist organization, and part of that seems to be lots of heartwarming smiles in their public personna but otherwise treating members as if they are necessary annoyances that exist only to fund their real business of No Justice! No Peace!

Don't think this is some leftist plot but that it's now, as opposed to in the past, a much more profit-driven company.  We were turned down on a claim for ridiculous reasons as well.  We too have been members for a long time--the 1970's--now they are denying claims when we are old and vulnerable.  No longer about taking good care of members--the bottom line is profit.  That is how they are re-paying our loyalty.

Your Dad was right, until about 10 years ago USAA was the pinnacle.

The USAA that General Robert McDermott built up is long gone now.


How I long for the USAA that was run by General Robert McDermott.  What a fantastic company!  Today's USAA doesn't compare at all to the USAA run by General Robert McDermott.  What an absolute shame. 

Been a member since 1982 and going through the exact same thing. Roof damaged from hail storms in 2013 and 2014. My neighbors on all sides with different insurance companies had their roofs replaced no problem but USAA denied us. They sent a very rude unprofessional roof inspector who came when I wasn’t home and therefore didn’t see ceiling leak and an engineer came out and said the problems were less than my deductible. I had to have the roof and siding and wood framing replaced and the contractors told me if they had replaced the roof when I filed the claim that the siding and wood framing wouldn’t have been damaged. I am taking them to court. My guy told me it takes years and they will try to settle pennies on the dollar. The stress was great for my husband. He passed suddenly days after 57 birthday.

I recommend divesting of any business you have with USAA.  USAA can be beaten on everything they offer.

Thank you for responding to my post. I am so sorry to hear about your loss - my condolences.

I am also sorry to hear that you are going through the same thing we are. USAA is definitely a shadow of its former self. USAA is now just another scam insurance company. One of the biggest concerns I have is that USAA is sub-contracting out its home/roof inspections to another company with apparently the same if not less values than USAA. That company is called AllCat. We had 2 different “inspectors” from AllCat come out to survey our roof damage - both of them were incredibly rude & dismissive. I remember years agoI had hail damage to my car. I called USAA & they sent out the nicest woman in an actual “USAA” shirt. She was incredibly nice & understanding. I had a check and a new windshield in a couple of days. Whatever happened to that USAA...?!?

How does a company go from being the industry standard to the bottom in such a short amount of time...?
This is absolutely unbelievable. I just spoke to my Dad. He said he got a call from a woman claiming to represent USAA today. She told him he needed to talk to his children (my Sister & I) and get us to stop complaining about his insurance claim denial. She said they have to open up a new file every time they get a complaint & it’s causing them extra work.

USAA has the gall to call up my 82 year old Army Veteran / 60 year USAA member Dad & get his adult children (and also, lifelong USAA members) to stop complaining about what we believe are the lack of service and poor treatment he is receiving from USAA...?!?

Does anyone else here have experiences similar to this? I have never heard of such a thing. Are we not allowed to put up our hands when we believe someone is being treated unfairly...? Especially, by a company that apparently has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau due to unresolved claims and poor handling of its members cases (Google: Dallas morning news + USAA + better business Bureau).

This is definitely not the same USAA I have known and sent money to my entire life. I am in absolute disbelief right now...