I love USAA I've received about standard service in all aspects with USAA.
That is why I'm surprised that USAA supports a NON UNITED STATES based business. Ones that with out remorse steals money from its members. Priceline is a Mexico based crook that I speak of.
Priceline stole $740.00 from me. Once reported USAA worked to retrieve my fund. Yes I got my funds back for a short time. Then Priceline re submitted the charges leaving me stranded and broke in a new town.
Wait USAA once again worked and they retrieve half my funds. Then 30 days the remaining half. Just to have that half taken back.
See I've yet to receive serves for these funds. I went to the fraud dept. and received no refund or services for these funds.
So do what you will it's only a matter of time and a foreign company gets another proud service member.
ASAA please done something about this outracace