What’s the latest scam scheme you’ve received?


USAA Community Scams.jpgWith more buzz surrounding fraudulent calls from the IRS, we wanted to ask our members to stay vigilant protecting their data. Remember, you can also send any suspect emails or requests to abuse@usaa.com.



Share in the comments the latest scam scheme you have received or heard about in the hopes of saving another from falling prey to a scammer.


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Thank you for reaching out to us, UWFAuburn? Are you saying there has been some questionable Cyber activity? When ready please send us a description of what has happened and we will make sure the right department is notified. Thank you.

Dear TIREDOFSCAM, Thank you for taking the time to post in Community. Your comments are in violation of the moderation guidelines and have been removed. Please be assured that a specialist is reviewing your concerns and will be in contact. Thank you.