Our members are some of the most loyal folks around and we can't express how much we appreciate you. In your opinion, what's the biggest perk of being a USAA member?


The biggest perk of USAA is the customer service, I've never had a situation where USAA has said "it cant be done". I work for one of the largest banks in the country and we just cant compare to the level of service USAA provides. Im actually happy when a customer who is working with USAA brings me a request that our "policies" don't allow because I know USAA will find a way to get it done.

After being a member for over 25 years now, I believe that the biggest perk is the trust established through many interactions with USAA for many reason (checking/savings acct-including discovering identity theft on my checking acct TWICE), rolling over a 401K acct from my employer, vacation trip raodside assistance, puchasing a car, handling a theft at my house, handling a car accident just to name a few) is trust. Knowing that USAA has my back during MANY life events is very comforting and reassuring.

You're the first to participate in our community conversation! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It's wonderful to hear that our team has taken great care of you.

USAA is very professional, and reliable by doing a great job for their members to be happy and sufficient with banking, investing, and trusting in a company.  One of my best relationships ever!!!

Going into my thirteenth year as a USAA member, I'd have to say relibality and trust - knowing that USAA will be there for me if I ever need them (so far I've never had to get you guys involved in any car insurance issues - it's always been the other guy's fault ;)


The banking and investments are also best in class - I've never been happier about using a BANK than I have been with USAA.


So thanks for the invite, and Onward USAA!!



Bryan! I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for joining the community. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.

Suggestions just for "I Am USAA", or for USAA in general? I did offer a few things last year...I dunno, I've been pretty happy with the website updates so far too. I do remember them telling us that depositing cash was "coming soon"...any word on that?



That's a tough call. As others have noted, USAA has no peers when it comes to customer service. But for my family, it has to be USAA's forward-looking mentality when it comes to serving member's needs. They're never satisfied with "good enough", but always looking for ways to make insurance and banking interactions as painless as possible.  As gadget geeks and early adopters, we really appreciate this attitude. Some members may not know this, but USAA was one of the very first institutions to offer easy policy changes by phone, a mobile app, and one of the first to offer deposit by mobile.  The frequent app updates are testament that this is still a priority, and in fact, USAA goes out of it's way to integrate member suggestions into it's technology. When friends see me using my iPad or iPhone to pay bills, make deposits and categorize my expenses, they're often surprised. I have to smile and innocently ask "What? YOUR bank doesn't let you do this?" As a famous credit card company says, "Membership has it's privileges!"