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Rivalries. Epic showdowns between two evenly matched opponents. Depending on the side you take you can divide a household, make a new friend or start your own rivalry!


When I think about rivalries these three come to mind:


Batman vs Superman (#teambatman)

Coke vs Pepsi

Netflix vs Amazon 


USAA has taken a poll on their Instagram stories about some famous rivalries in preparation for another big rivalry facing off in the December football matchup, the Army vs Navy game! Find USAA on Instagram for stories featuring the upcoming Army-Navy Game and more.


What is your favorite rivalry? Who will you be rooting for on December 9th?        


Visit the Army-Navy Game website to check out the team uniforms, learn more about this storied rivalry and for detailed game information: http://armynavygame.com/  #ArmyNavy 


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Right now my favorite rivalry is USAA/NFL vs Military members and Vets.  I predict the Military members/Vets will win when the dust has settled.