Dear USAA, I don't know what has happened to you as my bank but it seems that in the 10 years I have used you your service has gone from a personal feeling and a bank that I could not stop raving about to one that is completely impersonal and uncompromising. I remember when allowances were made or the rules bent if ever so slightly when problems would arise because in the 10 years I have been with you I HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT on anything. No matter what situation I have been in with other local banks or financial emergencies I have always made sure things were taken care of with USAA because I felt as if it was a, "You watch my back, I'll watch yours," situation with past proof that was the case. Now recently with a divorce and fraud and multiple financial problems and emergencies looming over my head I come to you for help, still never missing a payment, to consolidate my debt to make it manageable. Not only am I turned away rather rudely but then my insurance rates nearly double because of my now falling credit score shows me as a financial risk even though in 10 years I have never not paid or wrecked or even gotten a ticket, my credit cards limits are being dropped as I continue to make payments, keeping my score dropping, and it just feels like the foundation that I have so relied on in these situations has let me down. It is very much looking like I should start searching elsewhere for an institution that will help me when I need it most, not when it works out best for them.