My phone has to be replaced and it's covered under warranty.  Now the USAA app is gone.  I can't turn in my phone until I have that back.  What gives?  Is USAA in cahoots with apple and google?  This is ridiculous.


We're extremely disappointed with USAA.  I've been a member since the 1980's and my parents & siblings for even longer.   From our experience with USAA credit card & house insurance,  I firmly believe USAA is just a business and no longer serves it's members, just it's bottom line.  Their radio advertising is a hoax: they do not know what it is to serve.   After entering into a scam and immediately notifying USAA we were ill advised and they failed to back us for the scammed amount.


We got involved in a scam (for $5294) charged to our credit card and immediately notified USAA for advise for following day.  They wrongly advised us to try to work it out with the scammers and provide this documentation to USAA.  As a result we endured months of having to submit additional documents to USAA & the business and rudeness from the scammers and subsequently lost an additional ($499) to proof the scam.  Eventually USAA negotiated a refund of half the original amount back which we could have obtained immediately without any "help" from USAA.  They did not back us for any additional amount.  The blogs where we originally identified the scam had stated others with Bank of America credit cards stood by their members who were refunded their full amount immediately.  Even the Discover cards will refund $500 despite any retailers refund policy.  USAA now  pushes these disputes off to a 3rd party called "ReAssert" who has never even contacted us when we were asked to forward documentation to them.  We confirmed the dispute document was received but have not received any acknowledgement let alone a resolution or refund.


Additionally, re. house insurance: USAA stopped coverage for earthquake in CA pushing that off to a third party so we discontinued our house insurance coverage. Later when we investigated reinstating coverage they stopped house insurance coverage for our zip code.   Subsequently we tried again for house insurance coverage when we bought a house in Texas but they had rules for having rental and owner occupied house insurance coverages we didn't meet.  Now we could have both houses and cars covered but I firmly believe USAA is just a business and no longer serves it's members, just it's bottom line.  

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Wtf does that have to do with the Windows Phone 8 app?



Download from Windows Store - WP8 app is available

To GirlfromTexas:

Did the people from "Reassert" or "Reassertion" ever contact you?  Is there anything more that you can share?

I sent 16 pages to the Reassertion address 15 days ago (on 10/27) and have not heard anything.  My credit card bill is due and I'm not sure if I am to pay for the amount in dispute.


I've had this credit card since 1988, have never missed a payment, have never been late and among the credit cards that I own it is the card used most often.  I read that if one pays the disputed amount, then it voids the reassert.