When USAA says they've "escalated" your issue, what they really mean is the person has reported it to their boss, there's nothing else they can do about it, and they give you the 1 to 2 business days timeframe to sort a cool off or at least I hope you cool off. Furthermore, they give you this timeframe and this word "escalated" because it looks like they're nice and they're caring for everyone to see. What they don't do is they don't reply in public, and they don't make sure they address how they fixed the problem. They do this because they want to hide behind closed doors look like the good guy, but in reality they want to screw you over in private and not be found out. They don't really care and they're trying to delay any damage they may receive in people's perception of them. They want to come off as caring, but if you look at most posts there is no follow-up from either the individual or USAA about a resolution. The reason for this is because more than likely follow up has not been one or two days and people are left hanging, or they are telling people they're working on it, while they're dragging their feet and taking their sweet time. All while under the protection of this not being out in the open for a membership to see. Because they've "escalated" the situation and they're counting on you to give them the benefit of the doubt that they're working on it. When you see the word "escalated", just know it's kind of like they're trying to come off as nice and caring, but in reality it's like putting make up on a black eye, just hiding in the situation.


Now, USAA is more than welcome to address this publicly in this thread. Let's see if they do.


in the meantime, if you've experienced "escalated" in your post about a complaint, please sound off in the thread and let us know what really happened so the rest of us know what to possibly expect. 



@U-S-A-A...Sux, I asked a business specialist to review your concerns along with following up with you.  They will be contacting you within 2 to 3 business days.  Thanks ~ Robert.

wWell folks, I guess we're gonna see this play out in real time! 😂

notice this was not "escalated". This was strategic, but easy to explain. The reason this is not "escalated" is this is what I was directly attacking. They don't want to fall in a trap of being hurried into a reply, or taking longer and looking bad. On the other hand, by not locking themselves into a 1-2 day escalation, they look caring and generous if they answer sooner than 3 days. They are trying to protect their image. 

Again, if you ran into this "escalated" issued before, sound off. Let us know how it went. We're mostly veterans or family members of veterans. We all have a concept of tactical awareness. Let's tactically combine to hold USAA accountable. Plenty of us have had negative experiences, and it's time for the shenanigans at USAA to stop. Let's use what got us our memberships. Our military training and experience. Let's hold them accountable to every single word they say. 

And you know what, if I'm wrong, them I'm wrong. But I'm betting on my sister and brother veterans aren't liars and are having negative experiences with USAA (whom also has a BBB rating of F, or NR). Since when did failing become acceptable? Cute commercials about veterans and their families are just that, cute. But they aren't real everyday scenarios that we're all experiencing. 

I also recommend sharing on social media, and using a hashtag so we can all follow along. Also, on Instagram, USAAreality is a good account to follow and share.