You would think that a company that "claims" to be supportive of veterans would be just that. I've been with USAA for some YEARS now and NEVER had problems with them as long as they were able to collect money from me. This past year, as with many people, I ran into a hardship and was not able to "keep up" with my payments for my credit card until now. When I attempted to resolve the situation, they were the most discompassiionate people I've dealt with thus far. They didn't care what type of problem I may have been going through, were not willing to work with me to resolve the situation...they just wanted to get paid and from there, as far as I was concerned, I could've gone straight to the devil. As soon as I can find somewhere else to go, I'm done with them as well and they can go straight to where they were trying to send me.
Great support for a disabled vet that served .....I'm done!