What does Freedom mean to you?

As I reflect on our nation’s independence and the celebrating of the 4th of July, it takes on a different significance this year because my husband is currently deployed aboard the USS Nimitz.


Freedom to me, is the ability to wake up each morning and tell my sweet little girls their daddy is keeping them safe and that someday, because of his hard work, they can grow up to be whatever their hearts desire.


I am grateful for the immense sacrifices it takes to keep this nation, the land of the free. I want to express my deepest thanks to all who are deployed this 4th of July, but especially to all the of the sailors and pilots aboard the USS Nimitz and the supporting strike group. May the sound of jet noise excite you as much as the bursting fireworks!


What does Freedom mean to you? Please share in the comments


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Freedom is won by men who have spilled their blood on many foreign and domestic battlefields. They died so

all Americans get their fair share of the great American pie which is our wealth and natural resources. They did not

die to open new markets for Wall Street. Nor did they die for Americans to worry in their old age about their 

social security benefits or their grandchildren having an expensive illness and no health insurance available to 

cover it.  They did not die so that the life expenctancy of the rich goes up and working Americans goes down. They

did not give their precious blood so McKesson wholesalers can become a rich drug pusher and suffer no consequences.

And that same McKesson CEO reap a huge salary and bonuses for his bloody work. No America. Those noble men who sleep

below the ground, who were denied a natural death, perhaps a loving wife and children are being desicrated by

the Republican swamp snakes who are thriving, laughing in our capitol. God help us. 

I assume USAA will not publish this opinion. Perhaps they dwell in that same swamp?? You have to wonder.

Rght on!


Don't be too critical of those Repulican swamp snakes. You wouldn't be able to support your socialist well-sharing agenda without them.

In America our economic system is based on Capitalism (competition in a free market). That means what you have is what you've worked for.
@Stand United:
The concepts of Freedom and Capitalism are apples and oranges. Turn off Hanity and read a book or two on the topics.
Conservatives are all about the free market until a business like Dick’s Sporting Goods decides not to lick the boots of the NRA any more...then they are accused of treason or worse.
Freedom is found in the gift of salvation at the cross of Calvary by the shedding of the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. America is not the embodiment of freedom. The mass majority of the population are slaves to a false fiat currency. One of the greatest acts of treason to ever occur in all of recorded history was that which happened on that fateful December day in 1913 on Jekyll Island. The new "American dream" is to accrue debts that will be passed down to our grand children's grand children. But, there is good news and His name is Jesus and He can set your soul free. Find your walk with Christ and find true freedom.