General comment on the new website secrity feature that requires a unique code EVERY TIME I log in. This is incredibly frustrating. Surely there is an alternative way to maintain security without requirment to get permission from USAA whenever I want to access my account, which is essentially what this does. 


@displaced NJ Native, we can appreciate your feedback regarding the login process. Our priority is your financial security and this ensures an extra layer of protection for logging in.  I will certainly pass along your thoughts for future consideration and review. 

At first I shared your feelings and concerns and felt it was a bit much.  Then, my other bank adopted the same practice and the more I thought about it, the more I began to appreciate the added level of security, especially with the world full of so many low-lifes trying to steal your ability to live.  Now when I sign on I have my phone on and as soon as I hit "submit" my phone dings with the temporary code.  If you don't have a text capable phone just bring up your email before signing on USAA.  It takes a few extra seconds but seconds, I feel, well worth the added security.

@Dinglesan, Thank you so much for reaching back out about this! We are so glad you appreciate the added security, it is something we take very seriously. Have a great day! ~Tom