I've checked and I cannot locate a place to comment on USAA's website.  With the Target brief in personal and credit card information USAA has again reissued new credit cards.  Without balances and the effect that each purchase or payment makes on the balance, it is truly difficult to tell whether I have paid for the same charge twice; once under the retired credit card and again under the newly issued credit card.  For some time, the charges appeared in both places.  Icould start entering every purchase into a spreadsheet and keep a running total this way.  But it appears to me that this is something to be expected from any bank.


I strongly recommend that USAA add a total column that either indicates the current balance or available credit (preferrably the former).





Great new emagazine.  I won't need the print version anymore, but having trouble printing some of the pages.  Ex. with the emagazine I received this morning, I could not print contents of page 11.  There were other pages that had problems, after I tried printing the entire emagazine.  I just wanted page 11 alone, but I tried 1 page, range of pages and all pages.  Same result....just prints a border, not the contents. 

What am I doing wrong?  Printing from Toshiba laptop, Win 7 to HP LJ Pro M401dn. 


Note:  I especially like the thumbnail version of the magazine where you can select the pages you want to print....very user friendly.