USAA continues to go downhill.  The website, several times today, was slow and then unresponsive.  The web design continues to try to get users to select electronic transmittal of documents.  You have to read the options carefully not to fall into the trap of getting your documents by electronic means only.  I want paper and continue to have to watch the options to maintain that option.  I'm sure the lawyers would love me to not have paper proof in the event of a claim.  They also have a couple of trick questions about telemarketing, so watch it.  They seem to think that cold calls about their service is actually going to improve my perception of them.


Finally, USAA rates, especially car insurance, go up every year, without explanation and despite a clear record.  If you read your policy, it states explicitly that "you can request a detailed written explanation of the changes by contacting us".  I have done that for the past 2 years, and I have been promised a response each time by the USAA representative on the line.  I have never received a response.  I assume the lawyers and the marketers put this line in the policy to impress the buyer.  I am no longer impressed with USAA and continue to look for options to decrease my insurance cost and improve service.  i will not put any additional financial resources into USAA and will continue to divest my insurance portfolio.  They play on the military patriotism angle, but are no better than most companies.  I recommend you look around for more cost-effective options.


This sux... I've tried with so much expectations... and the web site fails miserably!   Yes, I'm a veteran.. Yes... I want USAA to help me... But NO... They like every other hack website... wants to screw me....  Hey USAA, been with you for 30 years... READ THAT... THIRTY YEARS!!!!   Longer than most you kids have been alive... and now... you choose to screw me (with stupid trading requirements, et al>)... Thanks a heck(ll) of a lot.... Tell your boss to go pi$$ up a rope.... When I want something done... I want it done NOW!!!  Thanks to you  ... I've lost a great deal of cash waiting for you to ""approve" a sale... Great... I'm pulling my cash and going to eTrade!  At least I get a response!!

30 YEARS... read that kids... 30 YEARS!!!!!   as a LOYAL USAA member... and you wish to screw me over details and not executing trades on a timely basis... YES... I'm P*ssed!!!