We are moving to Ft. Sill,Ok, does anyone have advice about good schools/neighborhoods

We are moving in June and need to locate a good school for our kids. Can anyone tell me where a good school and neighborhood is located in and around Ft. Sill? I have heard that the east and west ends of Lawton are good and maybe Elgin. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


Congratulations on your move! I don't have any personal experience with Fort Sill, but here are some resources I found online: Army Wife Network has a good write up about Fort Sill That can be found here: http://www.armywifenetwork.com/?p=2467 I also found some good information on this discussion board from Cinchouse.com: http://cinchouse.com/Forums/tabid/56/aff/21/aft/13683/afv/topic/Default.aspx This is Fort Sill's official webpage: http://sill-www.army.mil/ Hope these help! Good luck with your move!
The east side and west side are both nice. Stay away from streets right outside gate, 38th between sheridan and gore. The housing office has a great welcome packet if you require one. Elgin is nice but the commute can be challenging for your spouse. The police have a great service here crime check. They will inform you of any crime in area. The best bet is request a sponsor and have them send you a welcome packet and narrow it down. Then upon arrival show you around where your considering both day and nite.
Just PCS here two weeks ago and have been told the same on schools. The west side has a school district call Cache and on the east there is Elgin both are blue ribbon schools districts, but if you are buying then expect your taxes to be higher on your house to paid for those good schools. We bought a house in Elgin, it is less than 12 miles from exit 53 to exit 41 at Ft. Sill. Our house is in a new area call Legacy Park.
Go to www.greatschools.com for excellent information on all schools nationwide. Just pick your city!
We lived and worked in Lawton/Ft. Sill for 13 years. Our children went to Whittier Elementary School and MacArthur Middle & High School. All three schools were very good about keeping us informed on our kids' grades, behavior, and any problems. Good luck with your move.