The days get worse. I opened a checking and savings account with USAA and what a mistake. The same time I opened these accounts I transferred money from an outside account to USAA the it was returned to the outside company because I had not verified a temporary deposit with USAA from them. I was not notified to do this. I tried a couple of days ago to deposit a couple checks via my cell phone and was told that I couldn't make a deposit because I was limited to 0 dollar deposit. I called USAA to see what was going on and they said because the money was sent back to my outside account I cannot make a deposit and it will be reviewed after 6 months. Can't make a deposit really? I then asked for the name of the CEOS and his or her contact information and was told they didn't have it. I will research and see if I can find the information myself. The representative on the phone I might add was very curious. I have money in savings and checking also all my property insurance, automobile insurance, boat and ATV insurance as well as a MasterCard. I wonder did I make the right move going with USAA and should I just move everything back to Navy Federal Credit Union. I opened all these accounts based on strong recommendations by another member.


The representative was very curitious and worked to resolve this issue however she was told from what she called the back office that my ability to deposit will be reviewed after 6 months