USAA was not in existence when my grandfather enlisted in the Army in 1918, and he would have been excluded from the officer-centered organization anyhow. But not long after 1941, when my father James Codron became a pilot in the Army Air Force, USAA was introduced to our family. When I attended Officer Training School in 1965 and then Undergraduate Pilot Training in 1966, one of my first concerns was to take care of my small family's automobile insurance, and USAA was the only logical choice. Later, as USAA broadened its membership policies, my three daughters joined the family tradition by becoming USAA members. And next month, as my eldest grandchild turns 15, we will be within striking distance of a fourth generation of USAA members that grew from James Codron's initial membership. We have trusted USAA and appreciated the great integrity and true economy the company has offered us over the past seven decades. I had always hoped that we would produce some more pilots in the family, and, with two girls and two boys growing up knowing about their grandfather's and great grandfather's flying history, that's still very possible. But the next best thing is knowing they are more secure because of the tradition my father started long ago by joining USAA.