I could not be more disgusted with USAA "services." They transferred $1000 into one of my other bank accounts when my USAA account had $0 in it! Why?! And then I got phone call after phone call to pay them back so when I agreed to do so they could not take the money unless it was from a Mastercard. So I transferred the money onto my USAA Mastercard and they said they could only take a cash advance from  the card (costing me more money). As of right now they can't even take the money because even though the transfer has taken the $1k from my other account and is reflected in the balance on my card they are claiming it has not yet posted so the money is notavailable.


My money, not available to me. WORST BANK EVER. I am closing all of my accounts and kicking the dust off my feet and I am going to tell everyone I know about how bad USAA is. Literally, I have never had more trouble with any business in my entire life.