I was in the army for four years and I went to Germany for two years. I loved it there and learned the lanquage really well. I heard about USAA on a tv commercial and decided to look into it. I like the idea of no monthly fees and free atm use. I use to have problems with other banks but I am totally satified with the service of this bank and would recomend it to other veterans of the military. I also want to thank all that served and sacrifised their lives for our country. I know what it means to serve even though I did not see combat I have read alot about world war one and two. I am a history buff of our miltary. I read alot of books about the worl wars and do alot of reading online about them. At first I didn't understand the reason we went to war, but now I know. I am proud that they have a program in place for our worls war two vets called honor flight. It gives them an chance to visit the war memorial in Washington to honor the men that served with them. My dad was in world war two and the koren war and when he returned he was not the same my mom says, but they got through it all and he became sucessful in his own business as a plaster contraactor . He passed away seven years ago. So I am honored for all the men and women who served in the military and will never forget them.