I was practically ran off the road by a Wal-Mart semi, it completely destroyed the nice expernsive chrome wheel i had on my Acura MDX.  So naturally, i filed a claim, the shop i was sent to took over a month, and i was in the process of moving to another state, so everything I feel was done half way done and rushed.  When it was finally done, i ended up with mixed matched wheels, because (1) my original wheels were discontinued, and (2) USAA was not going to cover the cost for me to have all matching wheels.  I was told only that wheel was damaged so only that wheel was to be replaced.  But i feel if they did not want to cover the cost for me to have my vehicle returned to me the way i had it before that Wal-Mart semi ran me off the road, then they should have went after Wal-Mart and made them cover the cost for me to have all matching wheels again, even if they had to replace the other three wheels.  But USAA told me to contact them, i was under the impression that's what i was paying you to do, so was i wrong for thinking that?  So after, a few years of driving around with mixed match wheels, and being poked fun of by peers, i ended up paying to have all matching wheels again myself.......is that right?


No, all banks and insurances are just legal thievery.  If you look how the laws are written up there are several loop holes that give them the right to deny your claims.