just spend 1.5 hrs re-arranging my accounts BACK to the setup I had BEFORE the website "improvements"


i seem to do this every few months because of unexpected / unanticipated re-arrangement of my account groups, or PLANNED improvements, or unexplained deletion of my nickname information


still don't see any improvements that would be really useful - how about totaling my account groups, or subsets of them, i made groups because i wanted to manage the different categories - or, a personal rate of return for groups or subsets


how about letting me sort my "investment analysis" categories by size instead of color (really NOT useful)


why can't i chart an easily recognized stock symbol (e.g. "BP") directly from a non-USAA account (i hope you don't think i would move the holding to my USAA brokerage account just to get that feature), there are a lot of strategic reasons why i would not put everything i own with one company, no matter how reputable (and you are clearly the best)


many of your investment tools are good,  but think i would pay (a reasonable price) to have some additonal investment analysis tools available for my USAA and other investments


esp not a happy camper over having to take substantial time to re-create what i had last week . . . 


I would like to put in a request that USAA use real service members in their photo advertising. It is disrespectful for you to use actors who do not have any military bearing and wear the uniforms incorrectly. Thank you